5th Colloquium of the Network "Contemporary Psychopathologies and Cultural Diversities" on 17th and 18th April 2019 in Brasilia, Brazil

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The next Network Colloquium that will be held in Brazil, in Brasilia, from 17 to 18 April 2019, will have the theme “Contemporary Psychopathologies and Cultural Diversities”. This meeting aims to address the current psychopathological problems and the influence of cultural diversities in contemporary psychopathologies, to respond to the challenges of the clinic, based on the references of psychoanalysis, psychopathology, and projective psychology as a theoretical field.

But… what gives us support to name a psychopathology as contemporary? From which period or which psychiatric manual? Is the DSM-IV or the last American DSM-V, or the current WHO International Code of Diseases? Or both, and a brief survey of what has been written in the journals of clinical psychology, psychoanalysis, and psychiatry in the last ten years? What criteria can be adopted to highlight what is common or not for various cultures in psychopathological terms? Is there a big difference between the point of view of a mental health professional in different country or societies? Concerning projective psychology, is there a consensus regarding what Projective Methods can show under the gaze of cultural differences and similarities in their most diverse aspects, such as language, body expression, gesture, experiences and manifestations of psychic illnesses? In addition to theoretical and psychodynamic aspects, projective methods can be approached from a methodological point of view in normative studies, in comparative case studies or with large groups for intercultural comparisons.

This Network Colloquium, which aims to bring together numerous professionals from different countries, is a real opportunity to show the diversity of research that are developed around this theme, opening several fields of research in relation to the study of the human psyche and its ethno-anthropological references. Whatever they are, they demand that they be placed in an intercultural perspective, perhaps taking into account a double hypothesis: the existence of a common psychic basis, namely a possible universality of the unconscious, and that of a cultural specificity. What puts the clinical researcher, projective or not, between two important strands: the familiar interpretive references and others specific to the culture of other countries.

We believe that this Colloquium will offer a strong and enriching opportunity for psycho-anthropological-cultural exchanges. Moreover, it is interesting to note that this meeting will be held in a country, Brazil, known for its population of multiple origins.

The Organizing Committee of the Colloquium is looking forward to welcoming the members of the Network, who are invited to present their work as an opportunity to expose a comprehensive picture of current scientific knowledge in our field of study.

We will receive proposals to present papers in the form of Oral Communication (individual) and Round Table (with three presenters), from May 30 to September 30, 2018, at (colloquereseau2019@unb.br). An Application Form will be sent soon.

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Organizing committee

  • Deise Matos do Amparo – Professor at the University of Brasilia – DF.
  • Valéria Barbieri – Professor at the University of São Paulo – Ribeirão Preto – SP.
  • Sônia Regina Pasian – Professor at the University of São Paulo – Ribeirão Preto – SP.
  • Maria Abigail de Souza – Professor at the University of São Paulo – São Paulo – SP.
  • Tiziana Sola et Luca Bruno – Co-coordinators of the International Research Metwork – Projective Methods and Psychoanalysis.

Scientific committee

Presidents : Michèle Emmanuelli, Pascal Roman

  • Azoulay Catherine – France
  • Amparo Deise – Brésil
  • Barbieri Valéria – Brésil
  • Bouallaga Fatma-Zohra – Algérie
  • Bruno Luca- Italie
  • Chagnon Jean-Yves - France
  • de Souza Maria Abigail - Brésil
  • Dipaola Doriana - Italie
  • Flémal Simon - Belgique
  • Ikiz Tevfika – Turquie
  • Lawson Jean-Paul – Togo
  • Lepage Mariette – Canada
  • Pasian Sônia Regina - Brésil
  • Quartier Vincent - Suisse
  • Sola Tiziana - Italie
  • Ward Therese- Liban